Getting off the Rollercoaster - Going for Adoption

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nearly there

The court case was heard this morning and I have just picked up the message from Theo's SW to say that the adoption order has been granted. One step closer.
It's a bit confusing and long-winded, but in April he was granted a Placement Order, which meant he could be placed for adoption. This hearing means he can now be adopted (whatever) and we will shortly know when the final Final Hearing is which will grant us the adoption. That's the one we take the champagne to. For reasons (below) I am not feeling as elated as maybe I should be, but I am glad this hearing is over.

In other news I am in pieces (crying uncontrollably while Theo has been sleeping) about poor, poor 'B@by P' who was tortured and finally killed by his mother, her boyfriend and their lodger. It totally beggars belief that all the different authorities which visited this child (60 times we are told) entirely failed him. I made the mistake of listening to a national phone-in programme as we drove home from shopping today. Normally I have a huge amount of sympathy for the difficulties faced by social services, and how easy it is to blame them when they get it wrong either way, but what the hell was going on - and HOW can the leader of that department not think that she needs to resign? It makes no difference to the child now I suppose, but though I am not a religious person, even I know that that poor b@by has gone to a better place. I cannot possibly write here any details of what he went through, but I am sure Google will help you out if you need to know, and don't know already. My heart breaks for him. I can't write anymore, I am losing the fight against the tears again.