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Monday, February 09, 2009

"I can do it" . . and how one person's dream, is another's 'devastation'.

From joining up a few bits of words to a whole, meaningful, and very life-affirming phrase! This is Theo's first phrase of more than 2 words (unless you count "good boy, mummy" which, actually, I don't!)

I am continuing to enjoy this. He really is a joy (as my MIL wrote to me today in an email).

Today an odd conversation at the mother/toddler group with a woman I'd not met before. She chatted freely about, after a life of nannying, how she now felt the need to decide if she was to continue with this, or re-train (possibly as a social worker) as her children were now 20 and 18, driving, having lives of their own etc. She is the same age as me.

She continued by talking about her friend, also 45, who had children at the same time as she did, and is now 'devastated' to find herself pregnant again. Doesn't know what to do. I think I managed to keep myself from looking too shocked - my mouth didn't actually drop open, though I did say she should tell her friend to have the baby, and I would adopt it! Oh how strange life really is. We talked rather non-comittally about older mothers - she is currently nannying for 4 children under 9, all born to an older mother, who also has a 21 year-old son. She mentioned that her mother and mother's mother [going back ad infinitum it would seem] had all been 40+ mothers, and began to muse on how she would feel if she found she were pregnant again. With hindsight, maybe she was looking to me for some insight, but I was just too generally gobsmacked to make much sense.

I do have a few hang ups about my age, and just in case anyone wants to know, and because I do need to face them, here are some . . .
  1. I don't tell people my age any more. (45 - I guess I can tell you, though I still had to think twice.) I used to think being coy about your age was ridiculous but I have become ridiculous, it seems. I feel stupid to worry that other people will judge me but it does worry me that they will.
  2. I spend a stupid amount of time calculating how old I will be when Theo is 16 / 18 / 30 etc. How old he is likely to be when he loses his mother (my own mother has just turned 88, so there is hope that I may reach a good age, except that I have been a little less clean-living, I fear).
  3. I also spend time thinking of how old my children would have been if I had had them at a 'normal' age. Related to this, I also wonder if I would actually have been fertile back then, or if the miscarriage problem would have raised its head anyway.
  4. I have a desire to seek out other mothers who are at least in their 40s - or, bizarrely, who just look as if they are!
  5. I often forget that I am not just over 40 - I am 5 years over 40. Just over 5 years away from 50. I can barely bear to write that!

I think I have issues here! Fitness, strength and health are key, and perhaps some self respect wouldn't go amiss. I know I was very conscious of having an older mother when I was growing up, and I do wish I wasn't doing this to another child . . . but there are worse things, after all.


  • I check out your blog from time to time (although I've only commented once before) - we've gone through 3 m/cs and are knowing starting down the adoption route. I have an "older" mum (40 when she had me) and an older dad (51 when I was born) but you know I don't think it really matters - what matters is that I know my mum loves me and its the same with you and Theo, the important thing is that he has a safe, loving family.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:10 pm  

  • I just found your blog and couldn't resist posting. I am a few weeks away from adopting a baby and I just turned 40. My situation is a bit different as I already have three bio kids (11,9, and 5) however I do feel the "older mom" thing this time. I don't know why as I know plenty of moms that started later in life- and I am convinced that kids keep you young. That said I still feel a little weird and calculate the age of the baby in my head as well- how old I will be when she is 10, 20, etc.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know you are not alone!

    Take Care!

    By Anonymous Elisa, at 7:19 pm  

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  • Hello! Long time since we have heard from you. I do hope you and Theo are doing well, would be lovely to hear your news.

    By Blogger Thalia, at 11:55 am  

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