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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Clotbusting? (Cloudbursting)

Sounds like the old Kate Bush song, but this link came to me this morning, and it makes sense to me.

Having trouble coming up with blog entries as I seem to be all over the place with my cycle, spotting after just 26 days, had to cancel my follow-up appointment with Dr X, and feeling useless. A bagful of syringes (yes - clotbuster - to start using once I get a positive test) have been banished to the spare room this morning.

I asked about the spotting - can sometimes be caused by the Prednisolone but shouldn't affect my ovulation, and therefore shouldn't affect my fertility.

I don't know who or what or if I believe anything anymore.


  • The spotting doesn't sound particularly encouraging...hope you can find someone a bit more helpful. It may not affect ovulation but (at least according to eastern medicine) is not helping with implantation.

    By Anonymous thalia, at 5:37 pm  

  • Thanks for that article link. I've just begun on this journey, but each day I think all signs point to "clotbusting". Good luck, I will stay tuned.

    By Blogger Angie, at 12:25 am  

  • I'm just popping over to say Hi and I'm thinking of you. I hope all is well.

    By Blogger PortLairge, at 6:23 pm  

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