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Monday, November 28, 2005

The Best Weekend, (and husband is right!)

I am pleased to say I finally had the BEST weekend. Obviously, here in the UK there is no Thanksgiving / holiday weekend, but I feel like I have had a holiday.

The group of people that I run with (a group called H*shers, meet once a week at a local pub, a different one each week and run a trail that has been set beforehand in flour or sawdust; it’s all very non-competitive, and much more of a social thing than a sporty thing really). Anyway, there was a weekend away in the Welsh mountains with about 25 people from the H*sh this weekend, and I was in pieces on Friday.

I was really really panicked about going. I haven’t run for at least 4 weeks, and I have a very slight cold. I was just freaking out about making a fool of myself by being so unfit, and unable to keep up. I was pathetic. I virtually begged R. not to make me go, I was completely convinced it would finish me off and I would hate it. But he was just as convinced as me that I would enjoy it once I got there.

Well, he was right. I loved it.

We ran 6 – 7 miles on Saturday morning, returning towards the end of the run around the edge of a lake and there was no alternative but to wade, knee-deep in water which was literally freezing – that very thin ice on the top of water which takes very little breaking, but nonetheless! Poor R was suffering even more than me - cold water is the one thing in life he really cannot bear. He said afterward he was nearly physically sick. Strange from a man who winter mountaineers and thinks nothing of spending a night in a snow-hole!!

Anyway, in the afternoon we went horse-riding, and I had probably the best ride I have had since I was a teenager. I used to ride regularly until I was about 16, and then never really had the chance. Whenever I am away I go out riding but it is always a bit of a disappointment because you go out in a group and apart from a brief trot and maybe a canter, you just don’t feel like you’ve really got back into it. Well, Saturday was different. We were out for over 2 hours, and I really felt like I had got my riding ‘legs’ back. On Saturday night a couple of people had prepared curry for the group, and we played some party games (sounds awful, but was actually really entertaining and silly).

Then on Sunday we got up and ran again – a shorter run, only about 4 miles, but we went right to the top of the mountain and ran the ridge, looking down on either side.

Spectacular and uplifting.

Well, I finally felt when we got back on Sunday afternoon that I had rediscovered my life again. I am full of good resolutions to get out more and run. It is very difficult when it gets dark so early, but R will run with me in the dark, we have weekends, sometimes I can run at lunchtime at work. I have a lot of weight to lose too. (Married life has been too comfortable!) .

Anyway, the moral is that getting out can be very, very good for you. I feel, I even look better, and a bit of my life is back in place. Running and the outdoors is very important to me - it helps me keep a perspective that I was in danger of losing.

Of course, I can barely WALK today for the pain in my thighs, but it seems a small price!


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