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Friday, December 09, 2005

Bit of an emergency post!

Bit of an emergency – my laptop is currently sick with a virus, and I have passed it to our IT department here at work to try and cure for me. In the meantime I am putting this post in from my work PC just to keep slightly up to date!
My new cycle has finally started – with a bloody vengeance, if you get my drift!
I have started taking my prednisolone steroid tablets, which seems really strange, though I suppose you would count a pregnancy from this point if it DID happen, so it makes it a bit more sensible when looked at like that.
All I have to do is get pregnant now (R on standby! Ov sticks in hand!)
Oh – and the Christmas party has been duly survived and since we last spoke I have been running 3 times and mountain biking once, and feel much better all through.
And finally I cannot end this post (short as it was supposed to have been) without a nod to John Lennon. I was a seventeen-year-old angst-ridden teenager with a John Lennon obsession when he got shot. When I got married, last year, we chose his birthday to do it on. Hearing so much of his music on the radio these last few days has brought back a lot of the emotions, or memories of those emotions that I used to feel about him. Fantastic lyrics (and I am not just talking about Imagine). A treat for another day perhaps.


  • Glad you survived the christmas party - I've bowed out of one of mine but will show my face at the big bash because it seems a bit rude not too.

    Good luck with the nookie and the OPKs- remember not to just have sex when they're positive!

    By Blogger Thalia, at 3:17 pm  

  • Hi, stumbled across your blog... I have also had 5 miscarriages, including one in July 05 and one afew weeks ago.


    By Blogger fuschia, at 9:47 pm  

  • Oh Fuschia, poor you. I tried to access your blog from the link with your comment but it didn't work. Drop me another comment or email me?

    By Blogger Vivien, at 8:49 am  

  • I'm not really using the blog facility - only joined up to post you a comment. I found you via google when looking up prednisolone - am thinking of being tested for NKC. Then i realised you'd had the same no of mc as me including one in July and one since...

    By Blogger fuschia, at 11:33 am  

  • PS Can't see your email addy anywhere?

    By Blogger fuschia, at 11:40 am  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Vivien, at 5:38 pm  

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