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Thursday, September 27, 2007

This must help our case!

"R and Vivien are adamant that they want to nurture, not torture, a child in their care"

I should think this quote (it's real, taken from our For.m F, written by the lovely KT) should stand us in great stead, wouldn't you think?

Obviously, for pure comedy value I have taken it out of context, but even so! She is actually referring to the fact that he and I are both very physically active, and the way we would deal with a child who may not enjoy physical exercise so much.

I laughed till I cried.

In fact the form, overall, is incredibly flattering of us - it made really heart-warming reading. Our 'second opinion' interview yesterday went really well. Apparently everyone is very positive.

PS I am really having a bit of trouble keeping up with others' blogs at the moment, so you will have to forgive me. It may be my imagination, or it may just be the blogs I happen to read, but lots of RM's are currently / recently having babies, and though I really am very glad for you, I still wish it could have been me. I just don't have much to comment and I find myself getting quite down if I spend too much time catching up. I guess I don't need to apologise, and I know few people come by here anyway, but I am a bit paralysed at the moment. I hope you won't stop coming by anyway, as comments here really do lift me (yuk - now that sounds begging).

PPS on a comment a little while back someone called Ruthie left me a message about wanting more info on adoption - if you are still reading, please leave me some way of contacting you?


  • Hello

    Im a regular reader (and have been for ages now - I think since I once took offence at a comment you left on Thalia's site! and then you took up my following comment here. I think that was you?).

    Anyway, after two years ttc I still have nothing but one miscarriage to show. So I know how you feel about all the good news in the infertility blogosphere right now - glad for them, but painful reading for those not in the same position.

    My heart ached for you when you had to go through yet another miscarriage - I should have said something then. I like your blog because although you are clearly putting everything into adoption you don't hide the fact you wanted a biological child and still have to grieve and work through the end of that dream.

    So thanks for writing. It's making me consider adoption. I should have said thank you earlier.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:33 pm  

  • I love the quote (nice to know that you'll hold off on the torture).
    Don't ever apologize to me if you don't come visit my blog. I understand only too well (I wish I didn't).

    By Blogger DinosaurD, at 11:55 pm  

  • You can always visit me, I'm a nice safe ongoing-pregnancy-free zone!

    By Blogger DrSpouse, at 10:57 am  

  • I'm with you . . . it's all so incredibly unfair. It really, really is.

    By Blogger Alice, at 1:48 pm  

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