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Thursday, April 27, 2006

6 weird things to know about me then . . .

I’ve been tagged apparently. Feels a bit odd, but at least this post can have a focus which is neither my reproductive system nor even my idiotic work situation. And it has given me something to think about for the last 24 hours or so – what is weird about me? R is very loyal, and told me there was NOTHING weird about me, but I have come up with one or two . . .

I have a female tabby cat called Roger. I pretty much knew, even when he was a kitten that he was a she, but I had it in my head that I wanted a big, confident tomcat, so we named him Roger. Perhaps even more weird is that Roger pees like a tom! We actually chose 2 (female) cats from the same litter – the other is called Delia and doesn’t have any gender confusion!

There is a 21 year age gap between my youngest sister and my oldest sister. I think that’s weird. There are 3 brothers in between, but I have always been slightly embarrassed that there is such an age difference. When I was a kid people used to ask if my parents were catholic when they found out I was one of 6, which with hindsight I think is a bit odd of them too.

I met my husband at an indoor climbing wall. I was 38, he was 35, and neither of us had been married before. Apparently this is weird. Even the vicar who married us, when she realised my age immediately assumed I was divorced. When she realised I wasn’t she said ‘ well, your mother must be delighted that you are finally getting married at your age’! I was all for ditching the vicar after that, but R is more tolerant, so we stuck with her.

I used to be completely driven in my life by the desire to travel. Right from when I was a child, I always wanted to travel, and not just holidays, but to live in different places too. This influenced the subjects I took at school (languages) and the whole life I have led and kind of business I now work in (travel). I have lived in Germany, Austria, Spain, France, USA and Canada, as well as all over the place in the UK. The WEIRD thing, for me at any rate, is that quite suddenly about 5 years ago I just stopped wanting to travel. Nowadays I am not even all that keen on going away from home on holiday, or even away for a night. I do it, of course, and mostly enjoy it, but that drive has completely vanished. I have no explanation for this, though I am now happier than I ever was.

I prefer cheese to chocolate. I realise I am in a minority with this one! I have been vegetarian for more than 15 years, but I could never give up cheese.

I do tend to get things in the wrong order – I was a ski rep before I could ski, I did a degree in German after I had just failed a German A level exam, I ran my own company in Spain before I ever had a ‘proper job’ in the UK. And, of course, I got pregnant before I got married, although as you know, I didn’t get the baby. That’s not meant to sound self-pitying, by the way, just a neat finish to this post.

Thanks again for all the comments - I know I am an irregular blogger, but I do enjoy the feedback and support!


  • When we got married I was 37 and Mr Spouse was 48. You can imagine how many people asked us if we'd been married before - especially him - and if we had children - especially him. And no, neither of us have.

    By Blogger DrSpouse, at 4:21 pm  

  • Ha! Give me cheese over chocolate any time!

    How does one get tagged, exactly? It's never happened to me (hint hint!).

    By Anonymous Lola Badeggs, at 3:39 pm  

  • Nope, chocolate for me, although it's cheese for my husband. I pity that cat - although presumably both of them are neutered now?

    By Blogger Thalia, at 2:57 pm  

  • Yes, both cats neutered, and I got very strange looks from the vet at the time as I continued to refer to Roger as 'he' as he went in to be spayed!

    By Blogger Vivien, at 9:31 am  

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