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Monday, April 21, 2008

The panel, they say 'YES'

Says it all really, what more do I need to say?
It is a very daunting experience, to be interviewed for the job of adoptive parent, to sit in front of 12 or so people and have them make a completely life-changing decision - or at least sanction that decision.

But they were so positive. They asked how we felt when we saw the video of Theo (I have settled on Theo as a name for him here, it feels right) - and I said that I felt it made everything very real, and also made me want to pick Theo up and cuddle him (which was true). The right answer I think! How would we adapt our lifestyle to involve him in all our outdoor stuff? We told them about the baby carrier for the bike, the baby-rucksack carrier, the paddling pool (for when it gets warmer) the sand pit - we waxed enthusiastic about all the things we have planned. They smiled and made notes. And finally, how would we approach his life story? I spoke from the heart about his loss, and how I felt the need not just to help him understand about the circumstances that he has come from, but also the need to make it OK for him. I know enough now about his birth parents that I truly believe they love him, and would love to bring him up - they are just not in a place to do that. He has suffered such losses already. I do understand loss.

Just at the moment, strange as it may sound, I wouldn't change a thing. This is right, and I feel very peaceful. Not literally - things are quite chaotic what with planning, buying, painting, rushing, explaining. But inside I feel quite profoundly peaceful.

On Thursday we will meet Theo for the first time. At the weekend we will start the process of transferring him from his current foster carers to us. It will take about a week to ten days. We expect to have him home with us at the beginning of May.

PS - forgot to say again how old he is - he is 14 months old. He is just walking. He is really a gorgeous baby - it is getting to be funny that everyone who has had personal contact with him uses the same word - gorgeous.


  • oh what a lovely post, you made me cry! He sounds gorgeous.

    Theo was one of the names on our list for Pob if she'd been a boy. Great choice!

    By Blogger Thalia, at 6:24 pm  

  • Oh yes, tears abound here as well. I am so happy for all three of you. My very best wishes to your little family. I look forward to reading all about your adventures!

    By Blogger Anna, at 7:08 pm  

  • Oh my dear, how wonderful! I am so thrilled that this is finally happening. I can't wait to hear all about the adventures of you and your son!

    By Blogger Shinny, at 8:24 pm  

  • Wow, I am at a loss for words -- I'm just so moved by all of this.

    Congratulations, V.

    By Anonymous pixi, at 9:09 pm  

  • Wonderful, wonderful news!

    By Blogger beagle, at 10:16 pm  

  • Congratulations, this is wonderful news. Our kids will only be 4 months apart (and a couple of continents).
    I'm glad that the transition will be slow for Theo's sake. I know he's old enough that anything else would be really difficult for him but you know he is so lucky to have you two, right?
    I'm so happy that the "right" thing has happened for you and for Theo.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:44 am  


    By Blogger DrSpouse, at 12:06 pm  

  • What beautiful news! Thursday!

    By Blogger PiquantMolly, at 4:33 pm  

  • Oh, V, that is wonderful, wonderful news! I am so utterly thrilled for you and Theo. What amazing days you've got ahead of you. Wishing you all the happiness in the world together!

    By Anonymous Kath, at 12:04 am  

  • Fantasic news! Congratlations!

    By Anonymous annmarie, at 4:11 pm  

  • How exciting.


    By Blogger Drowned Girl, at 9:36 am  

  • Hi - I know you're probably way too busy to be looking at comments but I keep thinking of you and I'm really, *REALLY* hoping that things are going well for all of you.
    Hugs, DinoD

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:41 pm  

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